Learning Hand-Held Object Reconstruction
from In-The-Wild Videos

ARXIV 2023

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Prior works for reconstructing hand-held objects from a single image rely on direct 3D shape supervision which is challenging to gather in real world at scale. Consequently, these approaches do not generalize well when presented with novel objects in in-the-wild settings. While 3D supervision is a major bottleneck, there is an abundance of in-the-wild raw video data showing hand-object interactions. In this paper, we automatically extract 3D supervision (via multiview 2D supervision) from such raw video data to scale up the learning of models for hand-held object reconstruction. This requires tackling two key challenges: unknown camera pose and occlusion. For the former, we use hand pose (predicted from existing techniques, e.g. FrankMocap) as a proxy for object pose. For the latter, we learn data-driven 3D shape priors using synthetic objects from the ObMan dataset. We use these indirect 3D cues to train occupancy networks that predict the 3D shape of objects from a single RGB image. Our experiments on the MOW and HO3D datasets show the effectiveness of these supervisory signals at predicting the 3D shape for real-world hand-held objects without any direct real-world 3D supervision.


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